TSA is pledged to provide a conducive environment for individual productivity, be it to catch up on your work or studies.

 Enjoy these facilities and more at TSA:

From hassle-free online booking to providing complimentary beverages, we do all we can to create the ideal environment for our customers to catch up on work or studies without distractions.

Why is TSA a popular choice for place to work & study?

Fast Food Restaurants
  • Tables, subject to availablility upon approval
  • No upfront cost(however 2 cups of beverages can easily set you back $10 or more)
  • Slow or no Wifi
  • Lack of power outlets
  • Noisy & crowded
  • Lack of available tables
  • Break at own risk – no locker for storage
  • No table reservation
Public / School Libraries
  • Conducive environment for study
  • No upfront cost
  • Limited tables – subject to availability upon arrival
  • Slow or no Wifi
  • Limited power outlets
  • Lunch breaks at own risk – no locker for storage
  • No table reservation
  • Conducive environment for study
  • Many distractions readily available
  • Hard to concentrate
The Study Area
  • 24/7 High Speed Wifi
  • Quiet & Conducive environment for study
  • Locker Access
  • Own electrical socket & table lamp
  • Printing & Scanning Facilities
  • Minimum fixed upfront fee

Study and work optimally at affordable rates

  Half Day
9am to 9pm
9pm to 9am (next day)
Full Day
9am to 9am (next day)
9pm to 9pm (next day)
Individual (1 table) $12.00 $18.00
Bring 1 Friend (2 tables) $22.00 $33.00
Bring 2 Friends (3 tables) $30.00 $45.00
Bring 3 Friends (4 tables) $36.00 $54.00

  • Customizable Workspace
  • Individual Study Lamp
  • Individual Electrical Socket
  • 24/7 High Speed Wifi
  • Locker Usage (Personal Storage)
  • Collaborative Forum
  • 24/7 Secure Access
  • CCTV Security
  • Printing & Scanning Facilities *


Access to TSA Forum

Overnight Access to TSA

Online Booking

Free Wifi & Powerpoints

Fast & Powerful Internet to do your work

Break Time Activities

Charge your laptop or Phone for free while studying/working.

Locker Facilities

Protect your belongings

Safekeeping of Valuables

Protect your belongings without having to carry them around.



Peace, Privacy & Quiet: 

You Need It, We Provide It.


Our #1 priority is you, our customer. We truly care about you. Which is why we offer an ideal studying and working environment that will be conducive for productivity. We impose strict noise control conditions so that all our customers can work in peace without distractions or disruptions. You can count on us.


See what others say about TSA: 

TSA has been the most condusive space for me to study. The rates are very affordable and I am also able to use the gym and swimming pool facilities when I want to take a break and refresh myself. TSA is my first choice when I want to study overnight. Their facilities and quiet environment allows me to really be able to focus and study properly. I also don’t need to carry around my belongings when I want to step out as they provide lockers to store my stuff.
Edwin Tan

I like The Study Area. Free Coffee, Free Wifi. When I want to take a break, I can also get to use the swimming pool. I am able to focus as there is no distractions and the space is cool to study in. It is also very near the mrt and I also feel more safe with their security features. I have recommended TSA to all my friends and they also find it the best place to study. I will highly recommend TSA to anyone who needs a study place to focus without distractions and get things done! 
Sarah Lim

I have been conducting seminars for many years now and TSA is one of my favorite places to conduct my classes. It is very easy for my students to get here as it is just a short distance from the MRT. They also provide a huge LED TV for my presentations.  And best of all their prices are very very competitive. Most of my students have asked me to conduct my classes from TSA as they find that it easy to get here and they also like the renovated interiors. Good Job TSA, Well Done. 
Mr. Ken Wong