TSA is pledged to provide a conducive environment for individual productivity, be it to catch up on your work or studies.

 Enjoy these facilities and more at TSA:

From hassle-free online booking to providing complimentary beverages, we do all we can to create the ideal environment for our customers to catch up on work or studies without distractions.

Why is TSA a popular choice for place to work & study?

Fast Food Restaurants
  • Tables, subject to availablility upon approval
  • No upfront cost(however 2 cups of beverages can easily set you back $10 or more)
  • Slow or no Wifi
  • Lack of power outlets
  • Noisy & crowded
  • Lack of available tables
  • Break at own risk – no locker for storage
  • No table reservation
Public / School Libraries
  • Conducive environment for study
  • No upfront cost
  • Limited tables – subject to availability upon arrival
  • Slow or no Wifi
  • Limited power outlets
  • Lunch breaks at own risk – no locker for storage
  • No table reservation
  • Conducive environment for study
  • Many distractions readily available
  • Hard to concentrate
The Study Area
  • 24/7 High Speed Wifi
  • Quiet & Conducive environment for study
  • Locker Access
  • Own electrical socket & table lamp
  • Printing & Scanning Facilities
  • Minimum fixed upfront fee

Study and work optimally at affordable rates

  Half Day
9am to 9pm
9pm to 9am (next day)
Full Day
9am to 9am (next day)
9pm to 9pm (next day)
Individual (1 table) $12.00 $18.00
Bring 1 Friend (2 tables) $22.00 $33.00
Bring 2 Friends (3 tables) $30.00 $45.00
Bring 3 Friends (4 tables) $36.00 $54.00

  • Customizable Workspace
  • Individual Study Lamp
  • Individual Electrical Socket
  • 24/7 High Speed Wifi
  • Locker Usage (Personal Storage)
  • Collaborative Forum
  • 24/7 Secure Access
  • CCTV Security
  • Printing & Scanning Facilities *


Access to TSA Forum

Overnight Access to TSA

Online Booking

Free Wifi & Powerpoints

Fast & Powerful Internet to do your work

Break Time Activities

Charge your laptop or Phone for free while studying/working.

Locker Facilities

Protect your belongings

Safekeeping of Valuables

Protect your belongings without having to carry them around.



Peace, Privacy & Quiet: 

You Need It, We Provide It.


Our #1 priority is you, our customer. We truly care about you. Which is why we offer an ideal studying and working environment that will be conducive for productivity. We impose strict noise control conditions so that all our customers can work in peace without distractions or disruptions. You can count on us.


See what others say about TSA: 

Want to know how our customers are loving their personal work space at TSA? Here’s a few customer reviews taken from our Facebook Page. See it for yourself, book your session at TSA today and find out the difference!


I visited this place today and I think its really a great conducive place for studying! The complimentary tea/coffee, wifi, power were all great! Managed to get a lot of work done today.
Danny Tan

Have been visiting the Tai Seng outlet for the past month and I would say the place is very conducive for work and study if you need a place to mug or get some productive work done. Lockers are also available which is a huge plus. The package makes it even more affordable so I definitely recommend this place if you need to work or study!
Terence Ang

always get immediate responses, whether it’s 3pm or 2am. very conducive environment, no wifi issues, conveniently located near mrt and near breadtalk building and service is awesome! thanks!!
Pearl Yeo

Visited Kovan & Tai seng branch. Both serves its purpose well. No frills at its best. I like tai seng more due to the high ceiling making the place more cosy and spacious. Friendly and accomodating helpdesk. Recommend for all muggers.
Erman Zaini